How to schedule Data Studio reports for clients

One of the most important thing in running a digital marketing agency is to ensure your Automation and reporting process works flawlessly.

Google has come up with an amazing product that lets you build cool digital marketing reports, They are consistently adding multiple data sources that let you pull all sorts of metrics in one report. Sounds amazing, What’s missing though is a way to manage these reports for your clients., especially if you have lots of reports. Click here. Today we will show you how to manage Data Studio reports and add them in your client dashboard, Set scheduled emails that allow them log-in to your Ezond dashboard and see the report and have them branded as your own company dashboard to offer a premium experience.Check out People can avail finance from

lets assume you have already created a report in Data Studio.

  1. First, Open your Data Studio Report and retrieve the  Embed link .
    In order to do so click the “Embed this report” icon as seen below,

  1. Next Enable Embedding and select the “Embed URL” option
  2. Copy the URL highlighted Above.

Now that you have the Report Embed URL, all we have to do is to add this report to your client dashboard in Ezond.Discover this. If you do not have an account on Ezond, Feel free to get Started for free on

Go to your Client Campaign and click on Integrations

Select the Google Data Studio Integration


Select the ‘New Account” Option and Add your URL

Let say, you want to create a data studio report and want you client to login to your marketing dashboard and easily see the reports.

Next up, Select the Report and Lockboss click Save.

All done

Click the Data Studio menu button to view the report.

That simple.


Please note we will be releasing a feature soon that will enable you to create rescheduled emails to your client with the link to you report.