An efficient digital marketing management process, step by step guide.


How to manage Digital Marketing Clients Efficiently.

Managing your Digital marketing clients can be tough. You have to make sure critical tasks are complete, Reporting is done on time, Campaigns dollar spend is on track, Make sure your campaign has no technical issues causing ad quality score issues. There is so much to do to keep your clients happy, and it only gets worse when your agency is onboarding new clients.

Luckily, there is a Solution and its a process I will be highlighting step by step. 2 years ago I started venturing out and tried multiple project management platform to help me manage clients and delegate tasks to free up time and keep clients loving me! I  looked at Multiple project management tools only to find out that there is a different workflow for digital marketing.

The most project management tool is built to help you manage set workflow, e.g Web Build or Software build. However, Digital marketing tasks are recurring and need to be ALWAYS closely monitored. Here is a sweet digital marketing process that will get your workflow healthy and run on autopilot

Digital Marketing Management Process 

1) A beautiful Task Manager

Like any project, Digital marketing is full of small and big tasks. if not done they can have a drastic effect on your campaign.

2) Incomplete Tasks Reminder

Auto priorities and highlights a Campaign that has incomplete tasks

3) Quick Campaign Status Changer

Digital Marketing Managers are super busy and should be able to mark a Campaign status to URGENT REVIEW within seconds to review at a later stage.

4) Work Log/ History

Always keep a centralized communication and work-log for every action that is taken for a digital marketing campaign. This is important for accountability and records when clients need an update. Accessing this information quickly can help client retention. E.g Client calls out of nowhere wanting to find out an action point.

5) KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Monitoring

Monitor Client KPI every day! As a digital marketing manager, You would know that the very foundation of your digital agency is getting your clients conversion and sales. If this is unattended and overlooked, it could cause unhappy clients or client loss as proven by many similar social media providers as Monitoring over 50 clients KPI in a day can get very tedious and there has to be a neat process. See here now. Keep reading to find out how!! 😛

6) Critical technical Issues Monitoring

The last thing you want is a page Speed causing Landing Page Experience quality score affecting your advertising budget or Landing Page blocked on Google without you knowing. Have a good Monitoring solution in place.Check out toddler birthday party glendale az. That looks out for anything that can affect your digital advertising.
If you are outsourcing or have a team of individuals with delegated marketing tasks find out here, you need to have a process to keep them accountable.

So how do you implement this process at once?

Say hello to Ezond, built specifically to help you manage your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Read more about outsourcing service. With a proper process in place, if used well can ease up significant management process and is Free up to 10 users.

Manage Digital Marketing Campaigns

Manage Digital Marketing Campaigns