When it comes to freemium data visualization very few other tools compare to Google data studio, Armed with its over 250 data connectors this ingenious app ( Thanks Google! ) is the go-solution for anyone looking to derive stunning visualizations that capture virtually every key performance indicator. Its extensive capabilities and easy to use interface has made it the choice analytics module for most data analysts. Aside from this impressive line-up of functionalities, Google data studio also comes bundled with a plethora of added perks. There’s a share option that allows users to distribute analytics seamlessly, there are selective filters to highlight blocks of data, and then there’s the ability to customize dashboards personally for your company, all completely free of any charges.See here now.

How to Add a Data Studio reports to a WordPress Admin Page
If you are using WordPress as your landing page and there is a need to show your clients all the fancy reports, or you just want to add the data studio dashboard to your WordPress backend, we’ve gone through all the hard work to develop a simple plug and play WordPress plugin available for download