Improve customer retention by having a smarter digital marketing process 

Ezond provides a tool for you to better manage digital campaigns and focus on priority actions that lead to better RIO for your clients.

Team Work

Whether outsourcing or in-house Team, Ezond provides accountability and transparency for teams. Ezond history timeline allows you to track staffs work-log and actions. 

The only tool you’ll ever need to manage & grow your digital marketing agency

Bird’s Eye view of all your digital marketing campaigns in one platform

Unified Dashboard

View multiple metrics in one place


Simple Analytics

Connect Popular Marketing Channels


Team Management

Colobrate with Team members



Task Management

Get stuff done like a champ


Work / History Timeline

View staff actions


Smart Campaign Status

Easily identify campagins needing attention

Smart Tags

Assign Tags to Campaign cards for quick access.

Client Login

Minimize Reporting by letting clients log in to custom dashboards


Issues Sensor

Ezond finds errors that directly affect your digital marketing.

Competition Intell

Ezond keeps track of Competition and Keyword Ranks

Ezond Suggest

Ezond identifies opptunities in digital campaigns


Centralized Communication

Keep all communication and files in one place for quick access

Ezond on the look-out!

Ezond performs scheduled analysis scans and provides real-time monitoring and protection against critical issues that may affect your digital marketing efforts.

Google Black List Check

Itentifes if site is black listed in Google Safe Browser project


Avoid being penalised by Google for not having HTTPS

Meta Title Checks

Displays Meta Titiles for Review

Meta Description Quality

Checks Meta Description quality

Google Result Preview

Displays Google result for review

Image Alt Attribute Checks

Identifies if site is using Image Alt Attribute correctly on landing pages

Desktop Page Speed Issues

Identifies if site is loading slowly according to Google Page Performance,

Keyword Desity Checks

Identifies the correct use of Keywords using keyword Density checks.

XML Sitemap Checks

Checks for Sitemap updates daily.

Checks for Hacked Content
Detects Traffic Increase

Notifies you if Traffic is inreasing for happniess

Detects Traffic Decrease

Checks Google Mobile Friendliness Score

Conversion Notifications

Notifies you if Conversion is decreasing or increasing

Incomplete Tasks Warning

Warns you if tasks are pending or incomplete

Website Load Time

Notifes you if your website is taking a long time to load


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