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Track Google Ad positions & Rank daily

Ezond tracks your ad rank & position against your competitors  on a Google daily letting you stay ahead of competiors with better performing ads.

See Where You Rank Optimize Your Efforts

Easily optimize your SEO efforts by clearly seeing how your ads are performing and where they’re positioned in Google search on a daily basis.

Your Ad Rankings

Visibility is powerful. See your best and worst-performing keywords in any location and on any given day with 365-day tracking on your ads, URLs, and keywords on desktop and mobile..

Monitor Competitors

Check who you’re up against. See where local and global competitors are ranking in comparison to you.

Competitive Edge

Get a competitive advantage against the rest. By staying up to date on your rankings and that of your competitors, you’ll be in a favorable position to identify opportunities and optimize results.

Essential Data at Your Fingertips


When it comes to online ads and marketing, data is EVERYTHING. With Ezond, you get the data that you need in real time in order to make sound and progressive decisions regarding your campaigns. Get more for your time, money, and effort. With easy access to the right data, your potential for growth is limitless! 

Know Where You Stand So You Know Where You’re Going

Where do you stand in comparison to your competitors? What position is your ad ranked on Google? Which keywords are performing the best? What do you need to pivot? These are questions that you NEED to know the answers to in order to effectively optimize your campaigns. Fortunately, you can now easily acquire all of these answers and MORE with Ezond!

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